Me Looking Nervous on Fox News

Found the clip of the interview they did for Fox News! It aired tonight on tv. Seriously, could I look or talk more terrified
“Ladies, are you lost in the tweet-o-sphere?”


Ha! That's awesome. Yep, I totally missed your last 10 posts, hence the confusion on Monday. 🙂 Can I get your autograph?

The kirsty thing was annoying. Didn't the label below you say you were "Anna" something as well? Maybe you could get the job of running the news. You sure did a better job than they did.

i just chocked on my glass of water. definitely wasn't expecting to see my sister-in-law in that little clip. and you did fabulous on the interview

I think you were fab, and the event was fab, and everything about k-i-r-t-s-y is fab (seriously Anchorwoman, get it right!)xox

great job, liz! i really enjoyed the provo event. it was fun to meet you. 🙂 good luck this week with your move!

After talking to you I thought you were going to be terrible. You were great! You didn't seem nervous at all. I also think I went to high school with one of the other women in the interview.

I thought you looked great. You really sounded like you knew what you were talking about and didn't sound nervous AT ALL! Great job Liz!

Was the person interviewing you WAY TALL? That's what it looks like 🙂 I have more cc for the crew, but you did great! 🙂

yeah, that anchor was pretty bad. kristy, kirsty, kirtsy…. come on. i spelled it out for you at the beginning of the interview!

You didn't seem nervous at all!! You seemed the total opposite. Such a good idea – good for you!

Great job!!! They're sure to offer you a spot on the Evening News.

I love how she said twice but got it right the third time. And you didn't look nervous – you looked great!

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