I love this little kitchen nook with the aqua colors and that lamp is a great find for my Thursdays Creative Thrift post. Thanks for sharing. Hope you don't mind if I share this on my blog. I will definately link back to where I found it. Thanks.

Thanks so much for this!!! I saw an attempt on thisyounghouse and couldn't get it out of my mind–I definitely want to try!!

I made a bunch of these for something a while ago, shortly after the twins were born. They were much smaller (i used water balloons). they turned out pretty good. I think I rolled them in glitter and used them for Christmas decorations. I recently found them in the basement and thought I would try to do them over and better. Maybe I will try this instead.

This really is something wonderful! Thank you for sharing!!! I LOVE it!

This is cool. I saw something similar over at Apartment Therapy made with hemp a few weeks ago. I REALLY want to try it out. Here is the link.

Looks like a big ball of yarn – all it needs is an oversize cat to be playing with it!

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