Dig Landscaping

A couple weeks ago I had Jessica from Dig Landscaping come spend a couple hours with me walking around our property talking about everything from what/where to grow different vegetables and flowers to watering grass to what to do with our alive but ugly apple tree to how to design our patio (this of course was before we found out we were moving!). I wish I could have recorded the whole consultation, I ate up every word she said and she was incredibly knowledgeable about everything. We are pretty clueless, being newish home buyers and this was exactly what we needed. I was super impressed with her services.
Her company, Dig Landscaping, is based on the idea that many of us want to garden and work in the yard, we don’t want to hire it out, but just don’t know what or how to do it. Jessica has a degree in Horticulture and her services range from a home visit consultation to landscape drawings and plants lists to even dropping the specific plants in their spots for you to plant. It’s totally genius. Incredibly valuable services. Plus her prices are a steal.

Email Jessica for more info: jbhadfield@hotmail.com


I grew up with Jessica and her little sis Jenny. Small world. i did not know that she was starting this cool business. I think she did the same program my sister Kate did at USU.

i seriously need to call this lady asap. i'm already picturing myself asking her a million questions. terrific!

anon, the sandals are Bernardo. From like two or three years ago. I got them on piperlime, but they don't have this style anymore

Totally off the subject, but do you mind telling where you got the cute sandals. Thanks!

Jessica is an incredible landscape designer & planner. If you want the perfect yard and garden you must call her ! What ever she charges you is not enough for how much enjoyment you will get from your landscape.

cool! sure beats getting advice from my 80 year old neighbor!! I'll have to call her up

sounds awesome! too bad you're leaving now! you'll have to leave your 'notes' for the renters!

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