jamie, i usually make it the non-cook way too but i was experimenting this time with a different technique. i'll let you know which kind i liked best

Oooh now I want to go strawberry picking! I love this time of year :)xoxox! Holly

mm this sounds so delicious. do you really need to cook the strawberries before? i seem to remember my sister just stirring in sugar and pectin, but maybe my memory is fuzzy

liz, here are two of my fave recipes: one uses strawberry jam: you know that super secret banana cream pie recipe? if you make the same cream/custard bottom and put sliced fresh strawberries on top with some strawberry glaze, it's pretty much heaven on a plate. call me if you have any questions about that one. it's a family favorite.

brenda, i have tried making popovers and couldn't do it. i think i need one of those special popover pans, have you tried using one of those?

carey, i just added a link to a really easy recipe in the post. super easy

ok, this might sound really elementary, but i was just wondering how i could find a good recipe for strawberry jam. with the great prices on them right now, it only makes sense, right?! could you share how you made it?

Omg I love the popover cafe! Have you tried making popovers though? So hard

Yes, strawberry butter is my new favorite thing. I could eat it all by itself, which I realize is disgusting.

I feel the same as Elle – never made jam, also intimidated by the whole canning thing. I do love eating it and I can almost smell your house right now (haven't had breakfast yet). My grandmother use to make apple butter and I would love to have a jar of that right now.

I wish my house smelled like strawberry jam, thats sounds delightful! (I really want to learn more about canning this summer, but I get so intimidated when I read about the disinfecting and the boiling)

That Strawberry County Cake looks beyond delicious. I must make one, as soon as possible.

Oh I love strawberries, I’ve gone on some blogs where they have made delicate little strawberries out of wool, what to do with them I don’t know, but they pretty much just say, “Summer is coming!” woo-hoo!

not yet, but it’s a goal of mine to get. i just tried pineapple sorbet and it was so, so good. check my blog for the recipe. totally easy. it’s going to be a summer of sorbet.

oooh i’ll have to check out these recipes, thanks guys!

This is the site to our local strawberry garden in Iowa. It is CHUCK FULL of awesome strawberry recipes and tips! My personal favorite is the Freezer Jam. Enjoy 🙂

i was planning on buying that tablecloth today. hmm. it’s really cute. has a good strawberry sorbet. all her recipes have turned out well for me.i want to try that country cake, it looks so good!

Cooks Illustrated has the best sorbet recipe, as to be expected.

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