Nursery Eye Candy

Style Carrot had a great post a little while back with an extensive collection of beautiful nursery pictures. It’s great eye candy and you’ll find lots of inspiration. Check the many more pics on the post here.

PS I secretly want one of those huge stuffed giraffes. I remember seeing those growing up at FAO Schwartz in Manhattan. It cost $100 (then. this was the early 80s). I remember thinking, this is more money than I can even imagine!


we got my daughter a huge giraffe from back to basics toys online. $99.00!!! she loves it and people always comment on it

i secretly want a huge giraffe too! the one i saw somewhere was in the ballpark o $600 though…. yeah right. i think it was pbk?

I put a lot of thought and time into decorating our nursery with my first kid but i guess i just don’t have the eye. it is not nearly as cute as these !

I can just see the next post. Liz creating the perfect giant giraffe out of paper towel rolls.

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