Hank Muscle Tank

Another easy freezer paper stencil project (see my instructions here) I made with this free font. Don’t you think he looks super tough in his muscle hank shirt? (despite the drop of drool on his chin and the 6pm eye rub). He is going to rule the playground this summer.


What’s cuter hank or the shirt?This is one of the projects I have planned for this summer. Is there a specific fabric paint that you use?

Awesome tank, he’ll be “Hank the Tank” in no time, just like the movie Old School.

yes, the ink stays on GREAT. you need to use fabric ink and you’re golden. His obama shirt I made with the same process I’ve washed a dozen times and it looks exactly the same!

so cute! i love muscle t’s on little boys. does the ink stay well after you wash it? i know iron on’s look pretty bad after only one wash.

If you start selling, Ill start buying!! Still waiting for the t’s with the NYC skyline for my hoboken babies 🙂

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