Big Fatty News

My husband Jared has accepted a job in…….
My favorite city: San Francisco!!!!!
I can hardly believe it as I’m typing it. It’s all happening soooo fast but we’ll be moving out there sometime in July. I’m soooooo excited but a little nervous/scared as well to move from a big comfy house and yard to a little downtown apartment (stay tuned for all the goods I’m going to try to sell and when our huge yard sale will be).

Also, we are trying to rent out our beautiful Victorian home in the Avenues of Salt Lake. If you’re interested, see the posting here on craigslist.

(click on collage to enlarge)

We’re having a little open house this Thursday afternoon/evening if you’re interested in coming to see it, email me at and pass the word along to anyone you might know whose looking for a place!


Congrats!! You’re house is lovely. What is that color green in your kitchen… So great!

we aren’t selling because we A. want to come back and B. would lose a ton of money that we invested in it and no we’re not selling the couch but will be selling lots of other good stuff.. stay tuned.. i’ll be posting stuff soon on the blog

may I ask why you aren’t selling your home? I am looking to buy, not rent.Also, do you think you will be selling your blue couch? If so, please email me at arzabud@msn.comThanks and good luck!

Good luck Liz! My husband and I just moved to SLC (the Avenue’s specifically) from San Francisco in October. You will love it there. If you need any advice on neighborhoods etc. let me know. larkyn at gmail dot com

exciting! i'm heading home next weekend for some photoshoots in the city – i loved living there. now you can hit the alameda flea market and all the food spots caroline & i crave on a daily basis.

Thanks everyone!!!! I should take pictures of Henry’s room before it’s taken apart

That is so exciting! Every time we go to visit my in laws we go into san fran. it is my second fav city 🙂

I found your blog through your sister in law, Jordan’s blog. I love your daily inspirations. I live in the Bay Area.. Good luck moving and I look forward to reading your bay area posts!

Congrats! The Bay area is so fun and you will love it. We live a little further south on the peninsula but one of these days we’ll have to get our little guys together. Good luck with the move!

Oh I am happy for you but sad I won’t see you at Smith’s and think that you know who I am and consider running up to you only to realize we have never met! Your house looks incredible. Let us know about that yard sale. I wouldn’t mind getting a few of those things….

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. We hope everything falls into place and hoping we can fit back into a little apartment. We’re already planning a monster yard sale in a couple weeks.

that is some ‘fatty’ news. wow! and ditto on seeing more pics on baby’s room

so fun!!! also, love how you gave up and changed your banner…say yes to hoboken..then move to salt lake…then changed our mind and moved to cali…funny

🙁 you know i’m going to miss you… but still all very exciting!

FUN FUN!!!!More picture of Baby Hank’s room, please! It looks adorable!

your house looks amazing. i’m sure you’ll rent it fast. congrats on the exciting move!!

You are going to have such a great time starting this new chapter of your life! I’m so jealous!! I wish I could go back! Congrats to you and your husband 🙂

Wow Liz. Congratulations. Very exciting news! Good luck with everything.

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