Fashion Plates

Talk about blast from the past! I saw these on Apartment Therapy and immediately was taken back to the mid 80s when my sister and I with side ponytails and shoulder pads would spend countless afternoons creating out own designs from these fashion templates. So totally rad. Someone needs to buy one of these ’cause I’m thinking of a really hot LAC (ladies activity club) night.

{pic from AT}


wow, this brought back LOTS of memories…i totally had one!

i love fashion plates, but now you can get even better stuff. roxcy has this fashion designer kit that it so fun. next time you’re down we can play.

Oh my! Fashion Plates! I wonder if my mom still has mine somewhere?! Now I want to go find them! Thank you for reminding me of them 😀

I loved fashion plates growing up, and I still get to play with them.

Oh gosh, I totally remember these too! I played for hours with them, in fact I could probably play for hours with one now!

I played so much with these and had a few different sets. I was wondering if they were still around.

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