Dining Room Progress

Things left to do:
1. Chairs will be done being recovered in white leather next week (sooo excited!!)
2. Buying and setting up this bookshelf this weekend (sold my old ones)
3. Painting and hanging mirror
4. Finding trinkets with pops of color to accent the room with.
Still haven’t quite decided on what colors. What do you think?


What color is your paint? I’ve been wanting a really light (almost white) blue for my kitchen.

I’m inclined to suggest red for accents because it is such a strong color, but it seems like I’ve been seeing a lot of red around lately. I think any strong, vibrant color would look great because of the high contrast.

Oops. That last comment was really from Gabby. Although I’m sure Ralph would say the same thing.

yellow. and orange. and apple green. apparently, i’m in a spring-y mood!

loving it so far!!! i think you should do like red and orange accents since it’s so light and subtle

i like where you’re headed..keep up the good work. does jared know you’ll doing all this? fun to have a project while he’s gone

thanks everyone! I’m excited for it all to come together. just bought the expedit bookshelf from ikea i’ve been eyeing

Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see how the chairs turn out…

Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see how the chairs turn out…

Different shades of green. I’ve always loved white black and greens.

great job so far!i love your ceilings.. beautiful!

I’ve been really into teal lately. I think I light teal would look great in your kitchen. I love the light fixture!

Wow Liz, it looks so bright. It’s like a completely different room. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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