Hey girl! I was just thinking about you and then I stumbled across your blog (linked from the Balsars). It’s a small world! Smaller still, Justin Hackworth is an old Rexburg boy married to one of my HS girlfriends. Smallest world ever.Hope you and Jared are doing well. NYC misses you!

I love betsy. it’s the truth! you both look stunning. how cool to have these captured together.

What beautiful portraits. You both look stunning.

Gorgeous! Your mom brought us the most delicious meal tonight. She is a saint. And she told me about the photos.Suddenly, I realized I’d been too busy packing to catch up on blog. Yikes!

Wow, breathtaking! You both look amazing. I love your mom. She is incredible, inside and out.

You both look AMAZING! What an awesome idea and now you have it to treasure forever. So Jealous!

I love your mom. Tell her Allysha says hi. You both look beautiful.

I love Betsy! How fun for you two. And the pictures are amazing.

i love your mom. their is something about the picture of her sitting that totally captures her – the way she’s sitting, her hand, the look over the shoulder. it’s so HER. you both look great.

I wish I could have done it! I didn’t email fast enough and only made it on the waiting list…

Really beautiful. I’m always impressed with Hackworth’s work

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