Vintage + Modern

I’ve been thinking a lot this weekend about what my decorating ‘style’ is, and I think I figured it out when I was staring at this dresser and mirror from my bed: vintage mixed with modern. I don’t think it always works, but there are a few spots in our house that it fits really nicely. Like this spot, for example: I really love how my grandmother’s vintage mirror looks paired with this clean white ikea dresser. I’m hoping to incorporate this look into my dining room re-do (which, I’ve decided, besides new chairs requires a new paint job and new bookshelves).


I love bookcases in a dining room. It looks great and you are more likely to use the space for reading. We added a large built in bookcase and our family loves it. Looks terrrific, too!

I feel like I am a vintage/modern kind of gal myself. I don’t have as many vintage things in my apartment as I would like (most of the pieces that are to be mine or too big to fit, and are still at my mother’s). I was even out eating dinner there yesterday sitting at the table that is to belong to me, and I made the decision (I have been thinking about it since reading your post) not to pair the chairs with the table at my home.

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