say yes to hoboken .com

It’s really about time I did this.
I finally have this site live on Yeah!!!! You’ve probably figured that out if you’re reading this.
If you go to the old site ( it will ask if you want to be redirected, and click ‘yes’. That’s it. It will continue to ask that unless you change the url in your rss feed, sidebar or however you’re viewing this blog to

Out with the old, on with the new!!!


yes, we did it through blogspot in settings. but i’m really the wrong person to ask, my husband did it. it’s all redirected really smoothly

Hi! So I have read your blog for a little while and kinda wanted to change URL’s too. Did you just do it directly through blogspot in settings? Did it flow pretty easy and automatically redirect people? Sorry for all the questions after I just introduced myself . . . 🙂

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