Paint My Ugly Chairs?

One very nice reader, Emily, sent me a link where someone transformed a very similar chair to mine by painting it white and PAINTING the seat! My seat fabric is very similar to hers.
See post here, what do you think? Two problems: my style is more modern than cottage and it’s the wicker that I have the biggest problem with. I’m not sure if painting it white will help.


have you considered painting them a bright or accent color and then doing the upholstery in a more neutral fabric. I think punches of color on old pieces can really modernize them.

i’m still iffy. maybe a big modern pendant lamp over the table would help make the room look more modern.

glossy finish can make your look more modern & loose the wicker. I hate my dining table chairs because they have no cushion so after our meal we rarely sit around & talk. My next chairs will be comfortable #1!

Oh yeah, you have to try it. You have nothing to lose! At the very worst someone down the line will have to get new cushions for the chair…totally doable. And I think painted wicker make the wicker look cool…I’ve seen it done plenty in Domino.

I agree- take off the wicker and replace it with something- a piece of board with batting and fabric, or even painted masonite (thin particle board).

your chairs seem really tall. which gives you more of what you don’t like. if you paint them how will that look with the table? i say don’t bother. apparently some people like them and you would be able to get rid of them easier if one wasn’t painted.

Does the wicker come off? Cause maybe you should try removing it and replacing it with boards across the back… Just a suggestion. I hate wicker too.

you could try it and if you still hate it, then you can know you gave it your best shot and you can get rid of them with no reservations.Painting stuff does take forever though…. but it’s relatively cheap.

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