Jared’s trip: The Haute Route

{ski touring across the Haute Route}

This coming Friday Jared is leaving on a plane for France where he is ski touring from Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland on the Haute Route with my father and brother and a guide. It’s the mecca for all back country skiers: a nine day hut-to-hut trek across the French and Swiss Alps.

{This picture above is one of the “huts” he’ll be spending a night in on the way. seriously. }
He’s been preparing for this trip for months, including a few birthdays/christmases worth in new ski gear, and is beyond excited.

I’m three parts excited for him and one part terrified of everything that could go wrong (and how badly Baby Hank and I will miss him for two and a half weeks!)

Wish him luck!


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