Friday Favorites

spotted this past week:

photograph: this photo totally makes me want to raise kids in a big city…and make them pose for photos all day with giant red balloons and vintage buggys
something I learned: great tips for your etsy business
something I need: dreaming of these chairs in white for my dining room
a great project: your baby deserves 400 count homemade crib sheets
something I want to stuff my face with: these marshmellow crunch brownies bars look amazing
made me smile: Loving Nie Nie more than ever on this chocolate cake post
made me pee my pants: This whole blog. I start laughing before I start reading it
a pretty party: easy pretty photobooth for an outdoor party
the best way to eat cheeries: stella is brilliant
something clever: a periodic table of fonts
something for baby hank: baby hank would be so hip in these clothes


If you like those brownies, you should check out the book “Sticky, Chewy, Messy Desserts” from Chronicle Books. Loads of gooey, yummy desserts.

oops use this

Love those top pictures! What about these chairs from Ikea painted white? At 40 bucks a pop, not too bad

I love these friday favs! is this going to be a weekly thing? ps totally get those chairs.

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