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Okay, I need some advice, blogging world!
When my grandmother passed away a year and a half ago we were given this dining room table set with the agreement that we had to take the chairs too. There were threats involved (yes, it’s that kind of family) that if we didn’t take the chairs, we couldn’t have the table, so we caved and took the chairs too. The only problem is this: I hate the chairs! Hated them on day one and still hate them on day 620. We hardly use this table because these chairs make the whole room so old and tired.
So, I’ve finally decided that after a year and a half it’s time I moved them into a more appropriate location (the garage) and get some new ones.So….any advice? It would be hard to match the wood so I’m thinking of going with something modern like these (in white) or these or these for example, especially since the adjacent living room is very modern. I also like this idea, painting various different chairs the same color, seen on cookie nesting blog.
Any of these ideas would take some work convincing the husband.
What do you think???


How about recovering every chair in a different velvet? Grey, deep purple, chartreuse? I saw that once in a magazine and it looked pretty neat.

your blog is so cute. i’m sure you’ll do something awesome with them!

I actually really like them, not the fabric but the back etc. It reminds me of my days back at the Paris Flee Market. They’re pretty classic looking. That’s my 2 cents and I know I was no help at all. 🙂

those white west elmie oval back ones would look amazing in your place. my only suggestion is to go for what you love, even if you can’t get the whole set yet (but keep checking the website to make sure they aren’t discontinuing them). it would be a waste to buy a less expensive ikea chair only to upgrade to the west elm ones in a couple of years. and get rid of those old chairs as fast as you can if you hate them as much as you say you do!

i would totally paint them & choose a fun fabric to recover the cushions.

Another vote for the oval back. I’ve been wanting those lately, too! I think the others are fun, but will look dated much more quickly. The oval backs are classy!

Pass them off to a sibling. That way it will stay in the family and you will not feel quilty. . .

thanks for all the advice everyone! i’m really loving those west elm chairs… i don’t know if i can resist not getting them

I vote for the West Elm chairs! I like the colorful scoop-back chairs, but I also like the graceful oval-back chairs. I was blessed with pretty good chairs (they also came with the table, a gift from a neighbor who was cleaning out her house), however I now have a set of six and it’s just my husband and I (so far)!

If mom says sell, then sell and get the chairs from west elm. Love them.

ha! if your mom says sell the chairs- SELL THE CHAIRS! 🙂

I know the feeling.My family forces me to take furniture that I don’t want (from relatives) and then refuses to let me sell them and then refuse to take them back ever. That said, it’d be nice if you could make them over and use them another place in your home. I love those orange chairs. I just saw some really cute yellow ones like that here:

i have been LOVING the west elm oval back chairs forever! i will own them one day…but yes, pricey… that is why i own the gilbert style. and they are good chairs…

Fun to pick out new chairs! Can’t wait to see what you decide and don’t feel too bad about getting rid of those!-s.morris

i like the west elm chairs that you love as well. timeless and beautiful! i’m always nervous that the super modern stuff is always uncomfortable and will go out of style easily

my first thought was the oval back west elm chairs. i also think the scoop-back ones from there in the wood could work too. i actually think that mis-matched wood in the same room is a great look. looking forward to see what you choose!

i totally love the west elm chairs and i think they would be lovely in white! we have a black table with white chairs.

Sell the chairs…No one will know or care. (Do you really think that your Uncle reads this blog?)

I like finding different chairs–over time, not all at once–and not even necessarily painting them but having that ‘different but all together’ look. Or I like the first west elm chairs, but instead of getting them in all one color, you could get various colors (sorta like the opposite of the same color different chair idea (same chair different color). Anyway you go it’s gonna look great…. and I guess I’m alone in thinking the chairs you’ve got would be great painted white with some crazy color fabric (you could coat in scotch guard to help with stains).

i think if certain family members found out that i SOLD grandma’s chairs, there would be serious drama. so unfortunately, at least for now, i’ll have to store them and claim that they are still sitting in our house

thanks for all the advice everyone! right now i’m really loving these from west elm: like the natural wood but i don’t think i could match it…so maybe white? although, it’s a little more than i wanted to spend…

Before I even clicked on the links, I had those white West Elm/Ikea chairs in mind! I’ve been wishing I’d bought those same ones for my dining table, since I’m starting to tire of all the dark wood. I’d do the cookie mag idea only if you were really confidant about painting chairs. I HATE painting chairs. I’ve painted lots and lots of furniture, but for some reason, kids are especially hard on chairs and they’re always chipping. And it’s difficult to get the ultra smooth finish that I’m always after. I tend to notice all the little imperfections in my painting job– it makes me tick. 🙂 Post pictures once you decide! {Oh, and can you sell the chairs now, or do you HAVE to keep them? The thought of all that garage space being used up is so sad!}

no way, not even recovered and repainted would they be cute. they’re just too darn ugly (the backs of them are what are so awful.)I really like the gilbert chairs from IKEA and really love the different chairs/same color concept. I wouldn’t have the patience to find all those different chairs, but you are a thrift store expert if i remember correctly.

those chairs would be a pain to refinish. and i hated having fabric with kids. we’ve had the gilbert chairs in white for a couple of years. i love them. they wipe up so easily. only complaint: we can’t get those felt pads to stay on the bottom. we’ve tried everything. but if you have a rug you won’t have to worry about it. oh, and the white paint has started to wear off a little on the edges.

Oh, I totally feel your pain. We had the same problem until this week. We had a very 70s set from my husband’s parents with high ladder back chairs with awful flower designs and old cushions. I HATED them, but they were free and we had no money. We got some cash recently and we realized the chairs needed to be replaced. We went to ikea and got the NORDMYRA chairs. I wasn’t sure about them at first, but when I put them together, I LOVED them. They’re very comfortable and are very solid. One thing I didn’t realize until they were up is how much bigger they make the dining area because they’re not as tall (thus, they hide mostly under the table). It’s a huge plus. All that to say, you won’t regret those. 🙂

yeah, i’ve thought about giving them a make over but i don’t think it’s worth it. i hate too many things about them

I would re-cover the seats in a graphic fabric and paint the wood. Sort of a modern update. However, if I lived in Utah I would tell you to go with the ikea’s and take these off your hands!

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