The Worst Three Months

January, February and March are officially the worst three months of the year here in Salt Lake. Dreary cold weather and nasty inversions(making for terrible air quality) make staying indoors your only option.It’s kind of driving me crazy. It’s driving Baby Hank crazy too I think.
I need a good project. Any ideas?


I can relate I was really hating the below zero weather we have been having in ND. I took all my old scraps and some of my neighbors and have started a couple of quilts to send to charity and also volunteering at our local thrift store. That has put me in a better mood, it maybe has helped that now our weather is in the teens.

Agreed. These months are the worst. You could try orgami.

When we lived in SLC. We would head to Park City for the day. 20 minutes and you are out of the clods and in the brilliant sunshine. Hang in there.

Come to SF!!!It is sunny here plus we’ll start a business why you are here.

After the OC, head up to beautiful Northern CA (you’ve got a place to stay…)!

yeah we went to discovery gateway last week. henry is a tad young for it but it was fun. a little packed (i guess everyone else in slc is feeling desperate as well)

Amen sista. I hate to be a Debbie D. about it but this is THE worst time of year. We are escaping to St. George/Vegas next weekend. Can’t wait.We have been hitting the Children’s Museum at Gateway a lot.

Head to the library and enjoy the childrens’ room with Henry.

Project: after St. George, come to the OC, its 80 today!

I feel the same way…it is so yucky here. Plus my toes are always cold.

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