Stencil Project: Hoboken View of Manhattan

I stenciled a view of the Manhattan skyline as seen from our old beloved home in Hoboken that wraps around the side of the shirt. I made matching shirts for Henry and Jared for Valentines Day.

I know this is similar to screen printing. We have a screen printer, but I don’t know how to use it and directions online look too confusing. Anyone want to show me how? We can work out some kind of compensation.

If you missed my instructions on making stencil shirts last time, view them again here.
Instructions on turning your photo into a stencil here.


If you sell them, I will buy them!! We also used to live in Hoboken and I would love to see my kids in these shirts. I would also buy them for all the ex-hobos that moved out of town as their families got bigger!! Love them!

This are really beautiful. Good job! And I agree with Kay, you should sell them

Hi There,I’ve just found your blog and am enjoying it so much! It seems that you’ve had a pretty active lifestyle pre baby. I am wondering if you feel that the baby has stopped you or has left you feeling less “free?” And do you want a 2nd (your first is too adorable)? Just asking bc I lived such an active lifestyle ore baby and am finding the adjustment a bit difficult (and unlike you-I dont have family to babysit)…. Thanks!

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