Social Media Workshop in Utah

Clueless how to use twitter or kirsty? Want to learn how to promote your business through social media? I’m excited to be representing kirtsy at a social media workshop sponsored by Startup Princess next week! The event next Thursday evening, Feb. 12th, in Orem will be a hands-on workshop on using both twitter and kirtsy (taught by me!). It’s gonna be awesome, plus I hear there are valentine treats for all. Cost is $15 per person. More info here.


I found out about this workshop one day too late. Will there be another one in the future? If so, I am very interested. I know your husband from college and I am Bridgett Bedke’s friend.

we’re excited to have you, Liz! thanks for coming! 😉 you’ll be great.

I’m excited about meeting you. I love the buzz going around about Social Media. I too am speaking about Twitter and may miss out on the Kirtsy info, so I’ll have to catch up after about what good things were said!

I don’t get the difference between facebook status and twitter. So I probably should go, huh.

Bummer… I will be leaving for Vegas on the 12th… also my birthday:)Good luck! I am sure you will do great. I am still heavily involved in h.s. lax here so I will keep my eye out for girls that need some college counseling. We had Team Utah try-outs last night…

How did I not know you were in Utah. I really want to learn more about kirsty but will be speaking about twitter (and very terrified about it) so hopefully I get to hear yours too!

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