Project: Stencil Tshirt

My new friend, Camie, walked me through this great stencil t-shirt project. I love the way it turned out and now my head is spinning with all sorts of variations on this idea. Start to finish it took about 45 minutes, top.
Here is a step by step of the process:
1. Print out your stencil image (easy tutorial here on creating one from a photo) and tape on top of freezer paper (found at grocery store).
2. Using an exact-o knife, cut out the black sections.
3. Iron on the stencil cut out of freezer paper onto a t-shirt.
4. Using fabric paint, dab the stencil with paint thoroughly.
5. Dry briefly with a blow dryer (only takes a couple minutes).
6. Apply paint again, blow dry again until desired color is reached.
7. Tear off paper carefully.
7. Voila! Wait a couple days to wash it.

Look how cute Camie’s turned out? Now Joel and Baby Hank are Obama twiners.

PS Isn’t Baby Hank looking so grown up?


It would be better to print dark on light. Sort of the same effect as when cutting out a detailed pumpkin, you can’t tell what it is until you light the candle.Just look at your black on white image.

I love this! My brother asked me to find him a little Obama shirt for his little boy and your creation is a million times better than anything I’ve seen in the shops out here in DC. Can you share where you found the photo?

anon- i’ve tried doing something similar on the gocco and it works, but it’s just more risky. sometimes the burn isn’t always great+more money upfront on supplies

there are also a bunch of stencils you can find online, but there aren’t a lot of cute ones

very cute! i tried a few of these last year for my little guy and it was surprisingly easy. your little boy is darling!

nice! you figured out how to make a stencil from a photo. baby hank is very handsome!we will definitely need to hang out again soon, this snow is making me feel bored already…

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