Project: Making Toddler Crayons

Winter makes me want-er- need to create something colorful. Do you know how often I think of this rainbow cake? If only I had an occasion to make it soon. Yesterday some friends came over with their kids and we made a bunch of toddler crayons made from small pieces of old crayons. We broke them apart into small pieces and combined them with complimentary colors in a mini cupcake tin. I used paper liners, but I don’t think I needed them and they ended up seeping through anyway. Most instructions (see some here) we saw online said it would only take about 10 minutes at 150 degrees. Well, it took about three times that long at a higher temperature; but they still turned out great.

I snagged a couple that were particularly pretty and let the kids pick through the rest for their favorites to take home.

We also made soap crayons for the bath. You mix grated bar soap with a little water and food coloring, then freeze them in an ice cube tray. Still waiting to see how those turn out.
Any other colorful projects you’ve tried?


I made those for my little guy, but also put a paper clip tied to string in the middle of the wax. Then I tied the crayons to his easel, which always had a newsprint pad on it. No coloring on the walls!

I figured I'd let you know that I tried out this project after seeing it here and it turned out WONDERFULLY! Even though they're toddler crayons, I figured they'd be the perfect gift for overworked/overstressed college kids. If you want to check out the post (with proper credit, of course!), the link is here: you so much for posting this wonderful project (along with all of your others!). You're so inspiring!

Did the soap crayons work out? I want to try with our twins.

I’m so going to make these with my toddler this weekend. Thanks for the idea and recipe!

those look really cool, i will have to try them out. i love all the colors in that last photo

so apparently if you have a non stick pan, you’re fine. i wasn’t sure if mine was non stick. some instructions said to use aluminum liners so that might have helped. you don’t need to grease the liners, after you stick them in the freezer, they’ll just pop out. And yes, the soap crayons are supposed to be used in the tub. We haven’t tried them yet. Apparently they don’t stain.

This is great! I have been looking for a project to take to my weekend babysitting job. Do you have to grease the cupcake liners?Also, how do you use the soap crayons? Like… drawing on the tub or something?

love how they turned out. they seeped through the paper? did it hurt your pan? hope not…

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