Jared’s Eleveners Goal

Remember Jared’s 2008 goal? It was to climb all 18 peaks above 11,000 feet in the Utah Wasatch Range. The purpose was two fold: to lose weight and get to know the mountains that surround the valley we now call home. He worked his butt off and got very close, summiting 14 of the 18 peaks and feels very satisfied with this accomplishment. It was incredibly difficult. He lost close to 30 lbs and thought he was going to die 2.5 times. No major injuries except some fugly bruised toenails. He plans on climbing the last four this spring after his huge ski touring trip across the Swiss Alps in early April. I’m sooo proud of him 🙂
Below are pictures he took from the summit of all 14 peaks.

1-White Baldy 2-Broads Fork Twin Peaks 3-Sunrise Peak 4-Dromedary Peak 5-Sugarloaf 6-Mt. Baldy 7- American Fork Twin Peaks 8- Baldy 9- Mt. Nebo 10- North Peak-Nebo 11-Box Elder Peak 12-Provo Peak 13-Mt. Superior 14-Timpanogos


i’m so glad you updated us. nice jobby job jared. and nice job, liz, for being a nice wife and allowing him to leave you that much.

Jared you are such a stud!! So proud of you! I think you should take all you siblings back to Mexico to celebrate!

Hiking 14 peaks out of 18 is like aiming for the stars and hitting the moon.-Ben

Certainly beats my goal of ‘drinking less than 3 dr peppers a day’

Ski Touring across the Swiss Alps? This is like out of a movie or something. Awesome.

Goodness, that’s so amazing! I remember when you announced his goal, and I’m so impressed with all he accomplished. Although, Mt. Baldy? That sounds made up. 🙂

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