Happy Friday!

It’s been gorgeous here the last couple days which has improved my spirits considerably.
I have a busy weekend with some exciting projects going on and later today I’ll be hitting the slopes for some afternoon skiing with Jared {sans Baby Hank}.



Two words: So Hot! I’m mesmerised. But where would you find animal skin bikinis with matching head band and boots?

That is amazing. Might be a little too much hip swingin’ and skin-showin’ for a family band, but as long as yours is only “modeled” after this, I think you’ll be alright.Tell Jared to start practicing his laugh.

I’m not sure if your mom would agree to one of those Indian outfits. I was really nervous for a second that it was about to turn into a 70’s porno.

WOW. wow. That choreography would be hard to duplicate. I can just picture Jared at the keyboard and you doing a sweet Indian dance around him. Have a great girls night!

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