Camie’s Mobile

Isn’t Camie’s handmade mobile gorgeous? She cut bird silhouettes out of fabric and used an iron on adhesive to put fabric on the back as well. Then she sewed all around the bird so there wouldn’t be any fraying. The birds were hand sewed in a slightly diagonal line so they would spiral around the embroidery hoop. They were hung with some invisible thread.
Her blog is really cute too. She’s a total martha.


stop it! that was beyond sweet of you… you have made my morning!12 hours of driving doesn’t seem so daunting now… kind of.and please let me know when your own little project is up and running. excited to see pictures.

Thanks to Jordan I copied too – I really like your version.

This is great! I’m very impressed… too bad I’m horrible at cutting out circles (maybe my Jared could do that part).Great seeing you in SF – come back soon!

Hi, I’m a lurker, too….you are so wonderful to be a seamstress and a maker of all kinds of neat things. I love your site…you mentioned you need a crib…Melissa is selling her WONDERFUL crib..she can’t figure out how to get it to Minnesota when they move from Tucson in June…the crib is here at my house in Ogden, along with other baby things… Anne House

Hi, I’m a lurker, but wanted to tell you that I love your site! I think I came to it via one of your sisters (your family reminded me of me and my sisters)… really, really like the self-made mobile! Great job on yours. This project is definitely going on my ‘to-dos’. Thanks!

Liz, you have become such a Martha Stewart (except for the whole criminal/potential lesbian thing). I hope Henry loves it!

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