Baby Hank’s Cool Cousins

If Baby Hank turns out to be half as cool/creative as his cousins, I will be a very pleased parent. See Maude, Olive and Ralph’s school valentine creations here and here and here.


wow, all I need to do is to look at your blog every once in a while and feel completely boring. But I still look because I love the creativity, and I am glad that at least one mother of 3 has the time to do this kind of creative and time consuming stuff. What a great family you, Jared and baby Hank have. 🙂

Wow, holy cow. They are cool and I bet their mom is tired. I helped Zach make two valentines and I needed a nap afterwards.

Looks like you had a great trip to Callie. I’m going out again on Wednesday for a wedding. I never grow tired of SF, to be sure.And glad you were able to stop by to see my show. Thanks!

i love moses in the top one. “WASSUP!”and the sleeping one of henry is so cute.

love the “pansy outfits” takes a real man to pull off some ensambles.

Those are the best pictures ever! I think Hank is sooooo cute with his little chubby cheeks!!!

What CUTE pictures! How mean to only be able to see and not touch.Mom in Scarsdale

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