Worst Flight Ever

Baby Hank at my brother’s wedding reception in Boston

I’m finally back in Salt Lake after being gone for 31 days. You should see my pile of unopened mail. It was a long time but I already miss New York. I’m in serious recovery after possibly the worst flight ever last night. We waited, buckled in, on the runway for THREE hours before taking off. At one point we had to get out of line on the runway and back to the gate to get MORE fuel and de-ice for the second time. During these three hours Henry screamed. The entire time. Then right before taking off he soaked my jeans with urine ( I fed him quite a few bottles trying to get him to go to sleep. Plus drugs. Both backfired. He was agitated, exhausted and leaking). Sitting in urine soaked jeans for 5 hours was fabulous, I gotta say. We got in at 3am but Henry wouldn’t go back to sleep again until almost 5am. Motherhood at its finest. I’m going to bed now.


i think you might have described one of my worst nightmares. i hate flying for so many reasons!and with that… welcome home.

it’s true. we did not land in the hudson. i tried giving him benadryl, as per the pharmacist’s recommendation and it only made him more agitated

do you still think i’m crazy for slipping arden some benadryl? i HATE flying with her-but it has gotten better.

First, Hank looks so darling! Love the bowtie.I’m so sorry about your flight. Crying is bad enough, but being stuck on the tarmac for three whole hours? Terrible.I think we all have our flight horror stories. When we flew from SF to Paris last spring, Annabelle was teething (but we didn’t know it) and was bawling like she never has before – total loud painful cry. Somehow we all get through it.During the holidays, I spied a family on my flight with older children (young elementary school age) who all had portable DVD players and video games – the parents read books and napped while their kids entertained themselves. At least we have that to look forward to (someday).

Oh… there is nothing worse than trying to keep your screaming kid happy on a flight. I hate flying and it used to be just enough to keep myself from not screaming! Now, “Ruby free” flights are a breeze. Please tell me you had your own row… Welcome back!

Oh. my. I believe we have all had our moments, but that doesn’t lessen the horror of it when it’s happening to you. Welcome home, and I hope you’ve caught up on your rest!

it is not easy to travel with kids. our friend sarah has you beat though. she had a deathly ill child but since they were americans in london the hospitals wouldn’t see them. they sat on the tarmac for SIX hours with their croupy baby. and she was prego and had to keep borrowing barf bags. oh, and no a/c. so, look on the bright side–it could have been worse!

Sorry to hear that it was such a miserable flight! Maybe he let you sleep in today? Apparently when I was a baby I screamed the entire flight from Norway to Oklahoma… My mom has made it no secret that she hopes my kids repay the favor someday…

Liz- That is so sad! I am not envious of that flight. Although I am really sad my parents moved from NJ to Utah, I can’t imagine taking a little guy on that flight. All of the NY area airports are so awful during the winter. My son screams just on the flight from Cali to UT, so I can’t even imagine 3 hours of that. I hate being the mom who has the crazy kid on the plane. That is a great story to share some day at his wedding though 🙂

Hey, I totally sympathise. My drive from the city I live in back to the town my family lives in is usually 5.5 hours with my twins in tow. When they were 17 months, we drove back for Thanksgiving and they cried THE ENTIRE WAY! It was awful. Then my mom bought us a portable DVD player for Christmas even though it was only Thanksgiving and that did the trick. I’m now one of those moms who lets her kids watch DVDs in the car (long trips only) even though I said I never would. And you know what? I’m able to pay better attention to the road now. :)Besides, after you get some sleep, just be thankful you didn’t have to land in the Hudson!

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