I spent a lot of time reading magazines while in Mexico. I think I thumbed through the Martha Stewart workspaces ‘ on the van ride from Tulum to Kohunlich a dozen times. This one above is my favorite. I wish I were a more inspired vintage shopper or traveler. It would be nice to display beautiful vintage trinkets like these in my workspace.


ooooh i want to try a bootcamp. i usually go to the trolley square but they have a small kids club, so it can get full during popular classes. but besides that, i like it.

Hey I noticed your twitter about the “kids club” the other day. Is that the kids club at 24-hour fitness by chance? If so… do you like it?? Which one have you used… Sugarhouse? Trolley?I am debating whether of not to take my little girl there. FYI I go to a great bootcamp class on Monday nights at 8:00pm @ Sugarhouse. You should come give it a try…

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