The Opposite of Mexico is…

Jared’s mother, Donna and her husband, Roger, are serving a mission for our church right now in Russia. They have a blog here that they update regularly. She talks a lot about the culture differences, Russian traditions, etc. It’s all very interesting to me. Above is a picture of them they just posted in 7 degrees farenheit. Donna said it was so cold, she couldn’t tell if she was smiling or not. It’s fun to follow them on their journey. If they were here, they’d be coming with us on our trip to Mexico with the rest of the Stanleys, so we’ll be thinking of them while we’re away and are very grateful for the work they are doing there.


I feel a kinship with them, its going to be -1 tomorrow here in MN.Good for them.

It looks cold, but I’m sure they’re enjoying the missionary work!

Wow, that looks cold! Both of my brothers served in Russia {opposite ends, though} and now speak Russian. My grandmother is full blooded Ukrainian, and I’ve always wanted to visit that area of the world.

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