Sky Lanterns in Mexico

I had a hard time holding it up. It really takes two people.

Another fabulous idea from sister in law, Jordan. We lit sky lanterns and they took off over the ocean. It was one of my favorite parts of the Mexico trip. I loved watching them sail away above the ocean. They were lit as far as I could see them fly. The hotel security just stood and watch. They could tell we weren’t to be messed with.

Gabby and Ben get ready to send their lantern off


Hi! I came across this blog, and was looking to bring sky lanterns from Canada to Mexico for my wedding, but was told they don't allow them as cargo on airlines, and when shipped to Mexico, are turned away at customs.How did you get sky lanterns into mexico? Much thanks!

what a beautiful way to celebrate time together…and VACATION!!!

I can’t believe I missed this. I ordered some when we got home. I am going to make the lanterns a birthday tradition.

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