Parents Magazine

Thirty years ago, my older sister Celeste was this cute little girl photographed on the cover of Parents Magazine. My parents were living in Manhattan at the time while my father was doing an internship at a law firm. Someone approached them on the the street about their cute baby girl being photographed for the magazine. They were paid $200 I think and used the money to buy Celeste a new crib.
Celeste was sick when they were taking the picture, as you can see by the rosy cheeks. I love how classic the old covers were. The modern covers do not compare. I would love to get a copy of this, if anyone knows a good source. I’ve already checked ebay.


anne-fabulous! yes, i think i’ll be around that day. give me a call!

Deary…I think I have three copies of this issue…I’ll save one me, give one to you, and give one for the covergirl herself, Celeste! Glad you put out the call… I’m coming up to SLC in the afternoon of Feb. 17… will you be home?

just checked the library. their magazines only go back to 1985

oh, my only idea on how to get one for yourself is to steal it from a library. Not very honest, but maybe you could feel better by paying the fine.

Wow, your family is just all kinds of famous. 🙂 She IS cute, and that green color is great.

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