On Saturday morning we are flying out of New York and meeting Jared’s siblings and their spouses in Mexico for a week-long fabulous vacation. We’re spending four nights on the beach and three nights in the jungle. I can’t wait. The best part is that no kids are allowed. Baby Hank is staying with my mother here in New York. I’m so excited, it hardly seems real. I keep on looking at J.Crew’s resort collection (super fab!).
When we return to New York, we’ll immediately fly back to Salt Lake and I’ll continue on with life as usual. Except I’ll be super tan (er- burnt), refreshed, and well rested.
In preparation for this trip, I have forced myself into a post holiday ‘mexico diet’ this week which is pretty much atkins (no sugar, no carbs, lots of diet coke and sugar free jello otherwise I wouldn’t survive). This way, I can lose a couple lbs this week, feel ready to put on a bikini, and then stuff my face costco style in Mexico. Fabulous!

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jared’s on an odd mexico diet consisting of mini cheesecakes

Have fun I’m super jealous! I’m the most jealous about the no kids part. Not sure my mom could handle a week w/ Zach!

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