ha ha, this is weird and i have to say, not true. i know that martha walked past my cubicle every night, and it always had personal photos and a glass carafe and probably a pink pen and i never heard a thing. you could have pretty much anything out on your desks, *as long as it was beautiuful*:). and trust me, competition between editors there was so tight that you didn’t need martha’s rules to bring on your a game in the styling-desk department!

At least she practices what she preaches. . . by the way, fun blog!

Sure, the tone of the summer dress code seems a bit condescending and micro-managerial but when it comes down to it those guidelines are legit. I love the line, “Coworkers should never be aware of what color/cut of undergarments you are wearing.” Amen.

bizarre! maybe the creative workspaces are in another part of the company. a part far away from where martha works

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