thanks for featuring my headband liz!! do you ever do giveaways or product reviews? would love to do one for you… let me know:)

This is completely random, but sometimes words and phrases will get stuck in my head and repeat themselves over and over…Today I was crocheting and my mind kept saying “Say yes to Hoboken and then move to…” but I couldn’t remember where you had moved to, and it was bothering me.So, you have a catchy blog title. 🙂

thanks for including me in your roundup liz!your new little etsy store is adorable. i must admit even though i don’t have any kids, when i see vintage baby clothes i am tempted to buy. such a great combo…small and vintage.

The new trend of printable cards/calenders is a great trend! I love it!

I love this roundup and adore those red slippers! Your blog is beautiful. Thanks for following me on twitter. ; )

I have been trying to figure out who Alicia Bock (creator of the Polaroid calendar) was forever. I saw her work once, loved it, and lost track of her. 🙁 Thank you!

love the stamps! my mom used to have ones like those she made herself. she would have loved etsy.

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