Yellow Party

Two cakes: One for Henry, one for everyone else.
I covered cheap party hats from a dollar store
with polka dot yellow fabric that matched the garland.

{Baby Hank didn’t just eat his cake, he sat in it as well to fully experience it}
Party favor bags filled with lemondrops {Personalized party favor tags found here}

Made the garland from polka dot fabric ($2 a yard at Joannes).
Sewed in onto this paper chain thing I found. It seriously took 10 minutes.
I gave Hank a cut banana in his high chair before I started and he had barely finished when I was done.


what a great party!!! I love the color yellow…it looks like it was a lot of fun!

Thanks so much fro the link 🙂 Your party seemed very sweet !

Liz, Baby Hank’s party looks divine in these photos. love the yellow theme and love how easy you made it sound. your babe is lucky to have such a creative Mom. you and all the Stanley girls amaze me. i think you all should make caps for yourself. ’cause you’re supermoms to me. you all make motherhood seem less daunting and more fun/creative. so glad you guys are enjoying SLC.

Amazing! Love the matching garland and hats. I wish I were hank’s invited guest.

Love the pictures of Henry’s birthday! You did such an awesome job. Loved the colors you picked. You truly are talented! Renee

Soooooo lovely. {And is that your house? I’m completely enamored with the dark wood ceilings!}

love that baby hank sat in his cake… joel avoided his like the plague. lovin’ the yellow! looks like a great party!

Might as well have been a rainbow theme the way you are treating him. Next time camouflage theme and bb guns as party favors. That’s the way a boy is supposed to be raised. Lol-back to studying.

so cute!!!! i love all those yellow garlands and balloons. happy birthday, hank!

Beautiful and inspiring. What a lucky boy; a whole cake to himself.

Utterly gorgeous!! Yellow is my favorite color. LOVE it! And that baby Hank. Too cute!

Love it all – the adorable outfit on baby Hank, the animal crackers in the big jar, the cute invite and labels. Best of all – you would never know from the pics that his birthday is in December! The yellow theme made it all look so bright and sunny.

Wow! Fab job. I should be so organized. I have one Happy Birthday Garland that comes out every birthday and I certainly didn’t make it. Good job.

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