you should be thrilled, you guys are all stinkin’ adorable!I love how your outfit turned out. Where did you get that ruffle shirt??

WOW! I love them! definitely worth the stress of it all. I’m so jealous. You all look so GREAT! Now, on to the next project…which ones to buy and how to display them. Ohhh, I’m excited!

Absolutely beautiful, liz! I love the way you styled yourselves :)Jonathan does amazing work, and these photos are no exception!

liz, you’re hot and baby hank has never been cuter. oh yeah, jared, you look ok, too.

i just checked yho. looks like they already featured it.

broadbent’s in lehi has a really good fabric selection. (at least they did when i lived there.) lots of amy butler. it is not far off lehi main st. exit. you should check it out sometime.

you guys are a cute family. love the pics/nice job styling you and the boys.

I love these! You all look just stunning. And I, too, love the hair — so va-va-voom!~L

Love the pics, love the outfit love the hair! You are beautiful as always.

Stunning photos!Jonathan Canlas is doing both of my younger sisters’ weddings in SLC at the end of the month.

I’ ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks. Very cute photos!

Dear Stanleys, Please stop being so gorgeous. We’re all getting pretty tired of it.

camie, there aren’t any GREAT ones, but cotton shop across from fashion place mall is better than joannes usually. i got most my fabric when i lived in manhattan, but you can buy it online too at and

absolutely gorgeous! i’ve always loved johnathan’s work. we should totally get the kiddos together sometime.question- do you know of any great fabric shops around? i can’t seem to find the time to go hunting.

you guys look amazing! and hank is so darn cute, i can’t believe how smiley he is.

Great pics! You have a great smirk. And Hank’s smiles kill me!

super cute outfit – I never am clever like that! Love the pics – Hank totally looks like you in that side by side shot!

thanks everyone for the nice compliments! the outfit: belt and sweater from jcrew, ruffle shirt from anthropologie, and the blazer i borrowed from a friend, i think it’s from abercrombie. jeans from urban outfitters like 2 years ago and shoes are nine west ($20 at tjmax!)

I love the work of Jonathan Canlas. Great pictures! Your baby seems so happy to be in front of the camera- what a cutie!

Beautiful. I need to know where you purchased your outfit!

Yes! I’ve been waiting for these! You’re breathtaking. I love love love the colors! And the one with you and baby hank looking into the camera strikes me as such a personal shot– you both have such intense eyes. Truly lovely!

okay, it’s official you guys are the cutest family ever. and you look beautiful.

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