Stuffed Pig

Instructions on how to make this adorable felted pig here. I love it! It doesn’t look that much more difficult than the stuffed animals I made. I don’t have felt but I do have a bunch of plaid fabric that would also be cute. I think this project might move to the top of my crafting to do list.


ps…Peggy is my mom, this is Brooke. I am helping her set up her blog so I am in her account…

Adorable, I actually have a wool sweater of my mother’s that she washed and dried. Well, it felted in the wash and I just took it out of my storage and thought, “what can I do with this?” Now, I know. Thanks!

So we’ve decided that the #1 reason Robin should go to school in SLC is si that you can teach her to shop at thrift stores.

This is really cute. Since Zach never got his sock zebra (and spent his whole birthday crying because of it!) maybe you can make it up to him with a felt pig.

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