Outfit for Family Photos

Thursday we are having family photos taken by Jonathan Canlas (yipee!). Figuring out an outfit sounded like fun at first, but now it’s starting to become quite a project. I’m going to be hitting the stores in the next couple of days with girlfriend support, but above is what I have in mind: skinny jeans, ruffle shirt, pretty cardigan, skinny wrap belt and hot peep toe shoes that pop in color. Then there’s always anthropologie dresses…or a pencil skirt with the outfit above replacing the jeans. Decisions, decisions. What do we think?

(outfit from jcrew, belt from delias)


While I love the jeans look, I’d take this opportunity to buy a dress that you love. And what’s not to love about an Anthropologie dress? Plus, Jonathan’s photos always end up so vivid and gorgeous, it will just amplify the feminine beauty of the dress. To sum up, if you like your legs well enough…go for the dress. Every time.

Can’t wait to see what you choose! What about all that j crew stuff you scored at the sample sale? Combine that with killer heels and I’ll bet you’ll look fab. 🙂

i’m not going to buy EVERYTHING. geez. I think i may have a hair clip that will work.

You mean to tell me you don’t have anything in that closet of yours that you could wear? I bet I could find something…seriously though, can I find something? I need something to wear to a party on Thursday! Good luck finding something for pics. Can’t wait to see them…I’m sure you will look fab in whatever you choose!

I think you’re going to make Jared look good no matter what you wear.

i would go with whatever you feel prettiest in. if it is a tie, i would go with pants. just so you can be relaxed in candid shots playing with henry.

Good luck – I ended up wearing a black dress … how lame is that? I love color but couldn’t find anything. Can’t wait to see them!

really love that jcrew look, very chic! it would look great in a photo . . .

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