One Giant Leap for Mankind

Couldn’t be more excited about the outcome of the election. Whether or not you voted for Obama, you have to acknowledge the enormity of this accomplishment and admit it is a beautifully historic moment in American history. It makes me a little teary eyed knowing that my son Henry will grow up under our first African American President elected by the American people. Makes me very proud to be an American.

{baby hank on july 4th}


Indeed! Politics aside, think of all the young black boys growing up in poverty with little to inspire them to the greatness that is within their potential. Now they can look to someone who LOOKS like them and is in the highest office, and believe that they too can be successful. hurrah!

just kidding. i do want to be invited to henry’s bday. even if we live far away in the other red state.

as a canadian, married to an american, living in canada, we are thrilled as well.

Tears of joy on this end too! And my adopted daughter isn’t even born yet. Love that she will come to an America that is making serious progress.

but, liz, he is a baby killing terrorist. haven’t you been reading those forwarded emails? you’ve been deceived and led away. it is the fulfilling of a prophesy. we’re doomed!!

This was simply & beautifully stated. And SO TRUE!

I am quite literally crying with happiness. Yes we can! Historical.

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