Northern Cali Recs

Next week we are going to San Francisco for Thanksgiving. We are staying with Jared’s sis Jordan for T Day and then we wanted to head up north for a couple days. I’m looking for recommendations of cool places to go. I LOVE the Redwoods and the coast. So I’m thinking maybe a day at each? Any ideas? Fort Bragg? Mt. Shasta? I’ve been up to Redwood National Park which is really cool but I want to explore somewhere else. We don’t want to travel more than four hours or so. What do you think?
Know of any good bed and breakfasts up there too?

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If you get way up north, stop by my dad’s ranch and watch a real live walnut harvest..and we’ll be there, too…’Uncle Richard’ would love to see y’all….in Los Molinos, between Chico and Red Bluff on HWY99E … Look for the Call mail box..

Shelter Cove is to-die-for…if you like rugged, untouched, and remote. Plan to do some hiking. It’s the only black pebble beach in North America supposedly. But northern CA is gorgeous everywhere. I like cruising up Highway 1, and then come back on rural roads.

Muir Beach is so lovely. And chrissy field is too…great for kids too.

I got lost in the Redwoods when I was 8 years old! I grew up in Walnut Creek until I was 16, we were in the Oakland Steak and spent my weekends hanging out with my friends on the Oakland Temple grounds. It is beautiful, if you get the chance to go, go. Please give a big Hello to Northern California for me!

The glass beach at Ft. Bragg is amazing…We stayed for hours looking for the perfect sparklies to take home.

i’m from marin and my parents live in tiburon and we’ll be home for thanksgiving! let me know if you end up in tiburon or sausalito. my favorite areas are muir woods (by me), monterey/carmel (about 2 1/2 hrs south), and napa is so pretty. the monterey bay aquarium w/baby h would be fun. if you just want an afternoon, look up tennesee valley in marin. it’s more of a walk than a hike and leads to a gorgeous secluded beach – one of my fav. scenic places to visit.

Yosemite National Park is only 3 hours away – I’m not sure on how it would be this time of year but it’s INCREDIBLE.

yeah i’ve been to muir woods. we won’t have a hiking backpack for henry so i don’t know how much hiking we’ll be able to do. we kind of wanted to go somwhere a little further where we could stay the night. caroline, thanks for your suggestions. i’ll look into these.

Without traveling far at all, you can be in a beautiful redwood forest – Muir Woods. Have you been there? It’s just across the Golden Gate Bridge and absolutely beautiful. And you can hike off the beaten path if you want…

sausalito/stinson beach/mt. tamalpais (sp?) up in marin is so pretty. driving down the pch to pacifica and onto santa cruz is so nice, even on to monerey if you want to take the time. you could take a ferry to angel island in the bay and rent bikes to ride around the island. i think they have ones that can hold babies. napa is always gorgeous.

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