Lucky Find

Remember this round leather footstool I found at Elemente for $25? Lucky me, I found another square one to match at a thrift store last week! For $5! Look how perfect they are together. It was meant to be. I feel like I’ve reunited two twins separated at birth. Now Jared and I can both put our feet up. Or I can put one foot on each and a big bag of chocolate covered cinnamon bears between my legs.


LOVE it!The round one looks like the one my parents had when I was growing up.Wish I had it now!

We should meet up and you’ve got to take me thrifting 🙂 super cool finds.

BAAAA!! too many SCFNB(super cute friends named brooke) to count! i’m seriously, so blessed.

So which one is the complimentary one? By the way did I ever tell you you are amazing, awesome, awe-inspiring and super-stylish-chic. (I just created that word) I think it is very descriptive.

yes, i have two friends named brooke. one is extremely complimentary.

You have another friend named Brooke? I thought I was all the Brooke you needed in this world.

Oops didn’t mean to do that…Holy Cow! I totally thought that was a picture you got off the web from some super chic store that isn’t here in Utah! Wow, you are one hip chica.

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