Lavender Bird Sachet

All that frolicking in the lavender fields by the apple orchards last week surely paid off. Yesterday I made a bird sachet filled with fresh dried lavender, under strict parental supervision of course (i.e. Susan). They are very easy to make. I helped a couple other friends make more today. Henry has been teething badly but this apple kept him pretty entertained (and in his favorite chilled out ‘left leg up’ position on the high chair) for the duration of my martha stewarting.


Wow, those look great! How long did it take you? 😉 hee-hee, I still haven’t sewn up the tail of mine and I have my sewing machine in the mud room calling my name with 5 more birds cut out laying beside it. Have you made any more?

if you’re interested in buying one, my friend susan made a bunch with the same fresh lavender we picked and you can email her to get one:

that is the greatest pose i’ve ever seen. and your creativity is so amazing! puts me to shame! everytime i read your blog i want to purchase a sewing machine and hope the skills magically come to me.

Are you planning on putting a few of those in your shop?! They are so cute. I’d love a few…

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