Election Day Giveaway!

..For all those that voted or are voting today. Leave a comment by 11pm Wednesday night and you’ll be entered to win a red, white and blue handmade (by yours truly) fabric beach ball, like the ones I made for Baby Hank pictured below.
Only one comment per person please!

Fingers crossed for OBAMA!


Just chanced to catch up with you guys and wow . . . a giveaway! You are so crafty – I love it!

oh, I want one! I mean I want one for Jared. So cute Liz!

I love voting and feeling a part of something bigger. And my little squirt would love a new toy!

oh i hope i win. ps he is super cute (your baby not obama)

I can’t stand this waiting…. please, please, please may Obama win – if I win the ball as well then the world is truly a wonderful place. O in 08!!!!!!!!!

I’m just about to turn 18, and I’m not American, but those balls are beautiful!

Another way to teach the little ones about voting! Count me in. 🙂

I voted! And I knocked on doors all afternoon to encourage others to vote (be glad you don’t live in CA) I think that should be worth an extra entry or two. And I’m on a roll today with giveaways so I better get this one!

I only want the ball if it has a little henry drool on it.

I have to have one of those balls. Cole LOVES balls and loves to throw balls. I have really old windows. Bad combo. Soft balls rule!

voted with my kids right after lunch … what awesome beach balls!

Pick me, pick me!! The kids joined me for voting this morning.

I want the baby but I will take the ball for my baby,he would love it.

I voted and no lines which is one advantage to rural living! I love your homemade ball, so cute!

I voted very early, before going to work, but was sent to 3 (THREE!)different locations till I could cast my ballot here in Utah (old fashion term—I used to actually CAST a BALLOT) now it's done with a 'credit card'. Then in each of the lit classes I teach we had a mock election..and although I tried to lead them to the light with facts & flowery oratory, it didn't work…Obama won 2-1.

Fabulous idea! I already voted- NO LINE here in Provo, UT… walked right in & exercised democracy!

Voted with the hubby and our 2 girls. My 2 year old is already asking to vote – I’m so proud!

I’m voting after work today, and I will stand in line as long as it takes. Just because I want the ball. 🙂

visualizing, visualizing, visualizing… winning that adorable ball.is it just me or is voting day ALWAYS crappy weather.

I took Lucy to vote with me a week ago – she deserves a cute ball. 🙂

Ooh, my little one would love it! In fact, he joined me at the polls today. 🙂

Mail-In Ballots ROCK MY SOCKS.as a matter of fact, so does that ball! I’d love to have one! Do you have a tutorial for it, by chance? 😉 For those that aren’t so lucky as to win? 🙂

This is the first election I voted as a Mrs! I got to stand in line next to my hubby, and sign after a new name! love, lizzy m.

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