Sweetest Tree Houses

Takasugi-an, Japan

Cincinatti, Ohio

Edinburg, Scotland

Kamishihoro, Japan

We had a tree house growing up that my dad built in our backyard. The stairs ended up breaking a few years after it was built and we hardly used it since but I think every kid deserves a tree house at some point in their life. Found these amazing tree houses here (I think from stumbleupon?).


Liz, great photos. It has always had a powerful attraction, the idea of living in a treehouse. Thanks for this.

Hi Liz, there actually is a hotel in Washington state that is all treehouses! I can’t remember what it’s called, but just google and you’ll find it. We want to take the kiddos there.

next time you come down i’ll have to show you jeremy’s. it’s as big as our house. we could have a sleep over.

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