Superhuman Brad

Is it just me or does it seem just a little suspicious that a guy so good looking and mega rich as Brad Pitt also happens to be a great actor, family man, humanitarian and has decent photography skills? I think we’ve encountered our first official superhuman.


where did you find those?? wow. i agree with brooke. that is hilarious!

I read that he was super hi-ma and they had to find a discontinued brand of film for him.

Is is hard to be a decent photographer when you are taking pictures of Angelina Jolie, come on, let’s see him get some good pics of ME and I’ll be impressed. Come on over any time Brad. I might even take my shirt off for you (or maybe you can just take yours off for me).

He is indeed a whole ‘nother animal.But I did see him in Burn Before Reading and thought he wasn’t that great…like he was trying too hard or something.

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