Project: Wall Photos

Remember when I posted about wanting to do these wall photos?
Done and Done. I bought 18 5 x 7 ikea frames which were 2 for $3. Picking out the photos took some time. I stapled the backs together with a staple gun and used wooden painting sticks to act as a board so it would hang flat. We still need to move around some photos and replace a couple but so far I like it a lot. It’s hanging on a large wall in our kitchen.


I have wanted to do something similar for a space I have in my home. Thanks for the tips.

Isn’t it great to have projects? And you always seem to complete them! Good for you! Looks lovely.

I am doing the same thing with black frames.. would love to see the back! it has to be fabulous because my husband isn’t convinced it is a good idea! I love it though!

This looks so great. I loved the original idea.

you are so good at completing projects. the apartment therapy cure is starting up. you should do it. it is very motivating. and a good way to track your progress.

I had actually gone out and purchased the same frames from Ikea… Any chance of posting a picture of the back to show us how you held the frames together… Thanks, Amy

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