Project: Henry’s Growth Chart

I made a growth chart for Baby Hank. After looking at a lot of charts, I decided I wanted something really simple and gender neutral. I had some nice organic linen that I sewed the measuring tape and ironed on the fuzzy fabric numbers. I bought a large piece of wood and covered it with some batting and the decorated linen using a staple gun. I cut a bunch of little iron on flannel ‘labels’. They are on the back of the chart in a little pocket so I can grab one and iron it on every 6 months when I record his height. His birth height and 6 month height are already ironed on.


One thing we missed with the kids was a reminder of their young growth years. Great idea and an even better job of making the chart Liz!!Grandpa Mac

this photo made me laugh. what a cute li’l boy! and an adorable chart.. what beautiful crafts you come up with! and oh i wish i had gone to that j crew sale.. am so envious.. when are they doing that again?!!

so cute. i’ve also been meaning to thank you for your awesome post on YHO for the elemente furniture store. it had me drooling and i can’t wait to visit.

Wow! What a terrific idea! You’re smart to take some time from your busy schedule to make this.

This is great! I love your idea of using the iron-on labels to record his height.

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