Pink Applesauce

Yesterday I spent the day with my sister and a couple friends canning pink applesauce from the old fashion jonathans we picked at our friend’s orchard the day before. It’s a messy process but the outcome is incredibly delicious and I love the natural pink color.


i wish i could relay to you all how freaking good this apple sauce is. i don’t understand why stores don’t carry stuff like this.

Wow, you are SO domestic! My grandma was lamenting once over how my cousins “poor wife” who didn’t grow up in Utah didn’t know how to can. I just looked at her and said, “Uh, Grandma, neither can I!” I think I am a total disappointment to her. Maybe some day you can teach me how. The problem is that you need free fruit, otherwise it costs just as much as buying it.

It looks so good! I love applesauce. I hardly ever buy it though because none of my kids will eat it. Can you believe that?

This looks delicious! The first picture remindds me of bobbing for apples on Halloween when I was really little. Do kids still do that?

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