Paul’s Polaroids

Paul’s Polaroids from Josh Stanley on Vimeo.

I married into an extremely talented family. All the Stanleys have a great eye for style and design. And they all ooze creativity. Even the guys. Josh, Jared’s older brother, made this really beautiful video using my brother in law, Paul Ferney’s, polaroids. It is super cool. Just like all the Stanleys (that sounds like I think I’m cool, but I don’t count myself an ‘original’ Stanley. I just married one and count myself super lucky.)


You’re every bit as talented as the rest! Must have been a natural fit….

Liz, You know I’m always saying that the chief talent of the Stanleys is their ability to marry well. They’ve all found The BEST People!!

ooh, neat. well i don’t believe the stanleys would’ve recruited you into their posse if you didn’t also possess such it turns out, the ricks family is quite revered in our new stake!

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