Hoboken Blurkers

Just when we were packing up to move from Hoboken last summer Jared and I found a Hoboken events website that had been posting regularly about my blog life! It was a little creepy, but funny to see their interpretation of what we are like: The ever-positive Liz always saw the glass as being half-full…We can only imagine Jared in his model clothes and Liz in her servant wench dress as they drive cross-country to Utah.”
Anyway, this is the only page I can find now, but when we first discovered it, there were many other pages updating the Hoboken community on my daily musings. Does Hoboken really miss me? I’d like to think they do; because I miss Hoboken.


We just got back from the Liz Stanley Festivial that they have every year here in Hoboken. It’s so fun! People can dress up like Liz or Jared but people don’t really dress up like Hank cause he never really lived here, but there was a person dressed up like the White Rodeo…so that was nice.We miss you every Gut.`Patrick

Hilarious! Now you can commiserate with all the celebs photographed in the “Just Like Us” section of US Weekly.

yeah molly i used to play lacrosse. how funny! and yeah jordan from oh happy day is my sis in law.

Whoa… this is really random, sorry. I stumbled onto your blog after google(imaging) “photobooth’s” and I went to it and wondered if you were related to Oh Happy Day. Then I saw your Etsy name and was all confused because I think I know you! Did you used to play lacrosse? I am pretty sure I went on a few lax trips with you forever ago! Anyways, it is nice to see you are doing good!

You’re famous! And goodness, that’s a stunning engagement photo… 🙂

Creeper. So this guy just reads all sorts of peoples’ blogs about Hoboken and then writes about them on his blog? The blogging become the blogged…

Oh my gosh…that is awesome! Totally creepy and awesome. I wish I had someone secretly blogging about my blog.

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