Feels Like Home

{Baby Hank inspecting the jonathans we picked at a friend’s family orchard yesterday}

Tips for desert-dwellers to help you feel like you live in New England:

1. Find friends with apple orchards in rural areas.

2. Visit them on a beautiful fall day.

3. Eat homemade apple cider donuts your sister made on the drive up to the orchards.

4. Wear rose colored sunglasses while driving around. All the time. Believe me, the brown trees look so much more vibrant, don’t even think about taking them off.

5. It’s like the crooked mirror in my bedroom: I know it makes me look skinnier but I’d prefer to live in my fantasy skinny/vibrant tree world, thank you very much.


I need a good skinny mirror. Look for one out on one of your thrift shopping trips an bring it down my way.

so I jumped over to your blog from “your heart out” and from scanning through realized you are married to a dear friend from the past, Jared. small little world it is! Jared would refer to me as one of the “jackson girls”. he’s a good soul, that one.I also have admired your work on etsy, so talented you are.just thought I would share, tell Jared hello.

Very clever, my daughter. So glad everyone had such a great time.

Oh, you crack me up. I have the same fantasy mirror in my house. I prop it just right and viola! An elongated me. Love it. 🙂

can I tell you how much I love your blog? I am an eastcoast girl (boston and DC) and find myself in this Utah desert making the most of the dry air and open skies. Yes, it is lovely here too…but this time of year ESPECIALLY I find myself in a real slump of nostalgia. I loved this post! WE went apple picking at our neighbors, and have been making cider nearly every day. I must say too…breaking out the REAL vermont maple syrup has helped a lot too:) Thanks for bridging the gaps! So inspiring:)

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